Film Review: ‘Empire of Light’ (2022)

Sam Mendes - one of Britain’s finest filmmakers - returns to the big screen, his first post-Lockdown film, with a fitting tribute to life and cinema in Empire of Light. Moving on from the blockbuster of Bond and the one-shot-spectacle of 1917, Mendes’ latest picture details the not-so-bright life on the coast during the early 80s of Thatcher’s Britain. 

Blu-ray Review: ‘Stagefright’ (1987)

Fresh from a 4K restoration, 1987’s Stagefright is the latest addition to Shameless Films’ sleazy sensations. Pictured on the front cover is the Night Owl wielding a chainsaw, but make no mistake - this isn’t Peter Gabriel in Genesis, but instead a psychotic killer with a theatre production at his whim. 

Film Review: ‘Batman’ (1989)

Without doubt, one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time, even if the product advertised was a complete disappointment to the hardcore fans. The advert? A black and gold Bat logo. The film? Batman.

For HCMovieReviews: “The Front Runner”

• LIKE on Facebook   • FOLLOW on Twitter   • FOLLOW on Instagram • SUBSCRIBE on YouTube   • BUY ME A COFFEE on Ko-Fi (spoiler free) From fighting with mutants to fighting off accusations of morality, Hugh Jackman stars as former Democratic presidential candidate, Gary Hart, in ‘The Front Runner’, the thrilling adaptation of ‘All the... Continue Reading →

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