For HCMovieReviews: “Vice”

• LIKE on Facebook   • FOLLOW on Twitter   • FOLLOW on Instagram • SUBSCRIBE on YouTube   • BUY ME A COFFEE on Ko-Fi (spoiler free) From Batman to Fatman, Christian Bale is back delivering a heavyweight performance as Dick Cheney in ‘Vice’, a film much more satirical and playful than its trailers may have suggested.... Continue Reading →

For “Review: ‘Arrival’ (2016)”

Amy Adams – the best actress in contemporary American cinema – delivers an out-of-this-world performance in 2016’s best science-fiction movie. If a certain election result has ruined your week, then you can quickly remove the despair by watching Arrival. In 2014 on Instagram, I labeled Prisoners as “Quite possibly the best mainstream thriller within the last five years.” Prisoners‘ director, Denis... Continue Reading →

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