Thoughts on 2015’s ‘Kickboxer’ Remake/Reboot and the 1989 Original. 

So, via Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Facebook page, I came across a post regarding JCVD starring in a new Kickboxer movie. Wow.

Talk of the original Kickboxer movie

If you’re not knowledgeable of the original Kickboxer (dir. DiSalle & Worth, 1989), it is THE cult classic martial arts film of the 80s – it even co-stars Dennis Alexio, a former world kickboxing champion. To quickly sum up the story: Eric Sloane (Alexio) is paralyzed by rape-enthusiast Tong Po in a brutal kickboxing bout – this pisses Kurt Sloane (JCVD) off, so he sets out on a revenge mission to defeat Po in a kickboxing match – Kurt is trained by mysterious, yet allegedly legendary trainer, Xian Chow.

The “great” thing about the original movie is how it is generally, quite a poorly filmed movie – the editing is average; it’s dubbed at times; soundtrack is cheesy; acting is average, yet semi-believable at times. Essentially, it is a revenge movie which fuses both of the thriller and sports genres of movie together. The movie features money-related crime, rape, revenge motives, triumph against the odds, training montages etc – typically exciting 1980s movie, folks.

Talk of the 2015 remake/reboot of Kickboxer

Now onto its 2015 remake/reboot. It’s possible that it may be a good movie and it’s possible that I may like it, but realistically, (for me) it won’t touch the original as this remake/reboot will no doubt be more of a serious film, therefore it won’t be as ridiculous as the original. As much as I like JCVD, I feel that his casting in the remake/reboot is simply a homage to him being the star of the original film, however, he may be dish out a positive performance as the trainer, Xian Chow/new name (played by Dennis Chan in the original movie). The casting which has taken me to surprise in a (surprisingly) positive way, is the casting of Dave Bautista (former WWE wrestler Batista) as villainous Tong Po, a role comedically performed by Michel Qissi in the original. Considering the physique of Bautista, a Bane-esque body bashing wouldn’t be a surprise to see.

Looking at the alleged story, I’m glad that it differs to the original – this time, Kurt Sloane (now played by Alain Moussi) is avenging his brother’s death, unlike JCVD’s Kurt Sloane avenging his brother’s paralysis – that for me is a nice variation to see as I have a distaste for remakes which pretty use the same happenings as the original…The Omen.

With production only beginning last month, it’s unlikely to see any shots from the movie or a teaser trailer for a while. However, you can wet your anticipation for the new movie by continuing to watch and “enjoy” the original movie.


IMDB page for original Kickboxer

IMDB page for remake/reboot Kickboxer

Facebook page for remake/reboot Kickboxer

Facebook page for JCVD:


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This article’s featured image is sourced from Kickboxer (1989) The Cannon Group / Dir: Mark DiSalle / Prod: DiSalle.

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