Thoughts Prior to Watching ‘Terminator: Genisys’.

I’m back.

Arnold’s back, too, as he makes his return to the Terminator franchise in the newly-released Terminator Genisys. To be funny: this new movie isn’t about Arnold travelling back in time to stop Peter Gabriel from leaving Genesis. Ha. Anyway,  despite the last two Terminator movies being somewhat average (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation) and despite my disliking for 12A-rated sequels in long-running franchises, I’m relatively excited to see the new movie in this franchise. For me, the main attraction is the altered timeline to the previous movies and appearance of multiple Schwarzenegger Terminators – the re-visiting events from the first movie (The Terminator, 1984) and usage of an alternate timeline is a great idea in my opinion as the conventional structure from the previous Arnold-starred Terminator movies isn’t as apparent. However, opposing my excitement is my worry for the movie – the worry being the over-usage of CGI. I hate the over-usage of CGI and “look/visual” of modern movies. Going into the screening, I’m not going to expect anything close to the first two Terminator movies, but I’m confident of it being superior to the third and fourth Terminator movies.

Regarding the rest of the Terminator series, my favourite is the original, The Terminator. Yes, its sequel is a very good movie, but the occasionally gritty feel and horror vibe to the original, plus Arnold’s superlative acting as the villain wins it for me.

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For John.

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