Obscure Movie Villains: “Stingray” from ‘Undefeatable’

First presented in a sequence of attacks from an underground “death match”, “Stingray” (real name: Paul Taylor) is the antagonist of the US-shot Hong Kong production, Undefeatable (Ho, 1993).

“Stingray” is not only a skilled and deadly fighter; he is a psychotic wife beater. In an early scene, “Stingray” rapes his wife, which leads to her fleeing the family home – this drives “Stingray” on a personal quest to find (and most likely eliminate) his wife…by murdering every woman in the city/town posing with similar visuals to his wife (floral dressing and red/brown hair). As he approaches each woman, he asks their accompanying partner “What are you doing with my wife?” – Yes, he legitimately asks that – he then sometimes says “You’re coming home, Anna.” Prior to the start of his quest, there is a hilarious shot of him facing his mirrored self, spraying parts of his dark hair red, and saying “Anna, I’ll find you. I’ll find you.” Throughout the film, the “Stingray”-led “find-my-wife”quest is paralleled with a “find-the-killer-of-my-sister-and-other-women” quest co-led by Kristi Jones (Cynthia Rothrock) and policeman Nick DiMarco (John Miller) – “Stingray” is, of course, the killer of Kristi’s sister and other women.

The ridiculousness doesn’t end with “Stingray” – the whole film is ridiculous – most aspects feel over-the-top and over-acted. If you’re knowledgeable of older action films, you will most likely know that a 1980s/90s Cynthia Rothrock-starred movie isn’t going to have the same qualities as your mainstream Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis action spectacle of the time.

Without knowing it, you’ve probably watched a clip or two from Undefeatable if you’ve ever watched a YouTube video on “worst/best fight scenes”, “worst/best movie deaths”, “worst movies” etc., as scenes from this film feature prominently. The film’s “final kill” is incredibly infamous within the observation of over-the-top action films.

Pictures and site links of “Stingray”, Undefeatable and Cynthia Rothrock etc. are shown below:

The face of “Stingray” in a “death fight”.

images (1)


“Stingray” when he finds out Anna has left him.

download (1)


“Stingray” spraying his hair red.



“Stingray” on the attack of an individual who is “with                                                                      his wife.”

download (2)


“Stingray” prior to killing his fight employer. “You don’t care about Anna!”

download (3)


Cynthia Rothrock, pretty as ever, meeting up for a street fight.

images (4)


“Stingray” and his weapon…

images (5)


Cynthia Rothrock in reply.

images (3)


“Stingray” LICKING blood on a knife thing.



And officer Nick DiMarco!

images (2)


Best bits of “Stingray”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHswc4eR_Zc

Undefeatable in full



Thank you for reading,


For John.


All imagery is sourced from Undefeatable (1993) Whe Europe Limited / Dir: Godfrey Ho / Prod: Ho.


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