Overhearing a Film Conversation.

So, I’m on the bus home from my post-uni curry adventure in Urmston. I have a great number of shopping bags, so I sit upstairs because the downstairs of the bus was packed-out.

Moving on, forty seconds after sitting down, two rogues sat somewhere behind me are discussing comic-adapted movies – ranging from Superman III to Captain America: Civil War – firstly, I was surprised to overhear such in-depth knowledge of the immensely popular superhero movie, and secondly, I rarely hear film conversations out in the public. Obviously, I hear about film all-over my university campus, but that is because film is a studied subject there – of which I study, obviously.

Again, moving on, the conversation (for me) faced a comedic turn – one of said “rogues” challenged the quality of the third Captain America film, because the fighting was unrealistic, and a certain happening would hurt a certain superhero. Woah, fighting in a superhero movie was “unrealistic”?! Ha, wow.

I do find it intriguing how these contemporary superhero movies are generally more “accepted” and have a more diverse fanbase than the preceding superhero films of the 80s/90s/early 2000s – when I was close to being a teen, having an interest in comics or comic-adapted films was embarrassing, childish or weird. Now, Guardians of the Galaxy is the chav next door’s favourite film.

Back to my overhearing of the rogues’ conversation and my belief of contemporary superhero cinema being more “accepted” than preceding eras of superhero films, said rogues did universally agree that the MCU-era superhero movies are the “best ever”.

I’ve loved comics for most of my life, but my admiration for the “superhero movie” is deteriorating. Quite interesting how things change.

Thanks for reading,


For John.

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