BA (Hons) Film Studies, University of Salford

FINALLY, I have completed my degree in film. Wow, what a feeling.

On my Instagram page, I published a picture of my recently-received degree certificate – a charming 2:1. I could analyse the certificate in a similar fashion to that of Pat Bateman’s business card analyses, but I won’t, though I possess a similar obsession to my newly-acquired prized possession.

Over the four years, crazy shit occurred outside of my academic studies, such as my dad dying (resulting in the retaking of two modules, hence four years and not three), my brother marrying his Dee on Saint Lucia, my Mumsy turning 60, and my beloved United “conquering” Europe.

Within the course itself, modules such as Contemporary American Cinema (Year 2, Semester 1) and Film Distribution and Exhibition (Year 3, Semester 1) were disgustingly delightful, extraordinarily exciting, and my two favourites. Whereas the likes of British Cinema (Year 2, Semester 1) and Comedy and British Cinema (Year 2, Semester 2) were both distasteful. The information gained has inspired me to broaden my career options, and expanded my taste, though also revisiting filmic tastes from my younger years.

The big one – The Dissertation – was completed with my father’s favourites in mind. From a young age, I noticed a range of American B-movie action and Hong Kong action videos. With such classics in mind, I eventually developed a decent-ish concept for The Dissertation – ultimately, 8700-something words on why Hong Kong filmmakers and performers transitioned to the USA was completed. After fighting off a short illness and then attending an Iron Maiden concert, The Dissertation was graded as a 2:1, with the score then replicated in the form of my degree classification.

After four wild, weird, but wonderful years at the University of Salford, I now leave with a feeling of accomplishment, but also warmth in the form of experiencing lectures composed by delightfully divine experts, and experiencing said lectures within a broad range of amazing, ambitious and talented individuals. However, this isn’t the end of my story, as I am to return in the sequel, MA TV Documentary Production, University of Salford in September.

graduation insta

For John.




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