Shot at 60 part XX: Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween, folks.

To celebrate this year’s Halloween, here is a horror-only Shot at 60 post, and sequel to 2014’s first Halloween/horror-themed Shot at 60.

Unlike the usual formula of three 1970s screenshots, two 1980s, two 1990s, and two 2000s, this newest edition of Shot at 60 is the start of a changed formula consisting of two 1970s screenshots, two 1980s, two 1990s, two 2000s, and one 2010s. Enjoy!


The Exorcist (1973) Warner Bros. / Dir: William Friedkin / Prod: Blatty

The Exorcist.jpg


The Omen (1976) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Richard Donner / Prod: Bernhard

the omen


Halloween II (1981) Universal Pictures / Dir: Rick Rosenthal / Prod: Hill & Carpenter



Day of the Dead (1985) United Film Distribution Company / Dir: George A. Romero / Prod: Rubinstein

Day of the Dead


Child’s Play 2 (1990) Universal Pictures / Dir: John Lafia / Prod: Kirschner

Child's Play 2


Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) New Line Cinema / Dir: Adam Marcus / Prod: Cunningham & Hayn-Cass

Jason goes to hell


The Ring (2002) DreamWorks Pictures / Dir: Gore Verbinski / Prod: Parkes & MacDonald

The Ring


Paranormal Activity (2007) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Oren Peli / Prod: Peli & Blum

Paranormal Activity


The Conjuring (2013) Warner Bros. Pictures / Dir: James Wan / Prod: DeRosa-Grund, Safran and Cowan

The Conjuring


Stay scared.



For John.

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