For Christmas, I’ve Ordered the Complete Series of The X-Files

Yes, as the title reads, I have ordered the complete series of The X-Files, though of course, the box-set is lacking the recent-ish tenth series, but does include the two feature films.

Throughout the year on 5Spike, episodes of The X-Files have been broadcast chronologically roughly between 10pm and 1am. Luckily, when free, I have been able to view the occasional episode, however, my most consistent run of viewership occurred during the latter of the seventh series and continually throughout the eighth series – not the best of episodes, right? Fun nonetheless. My viewership, however, brought back memories…

During the original run of The X-Files, I was too young to watch it properly and consistently – by “properly”, I mean to view with a full understanding. But I do recall my fascination of my brother’s video tapes and action figures of the series, however, I do remember watching the first film as soon as it was on Sky or home video, and when my brother wasn’t around, I infrequently sneaked a viewing of a “File” video tape – remember those?

Subsequently, between the baron years of the dreaded ninth series and the recent-ish tenth series, The X-Files for me was a very rare television watch – probably because I rarely watched a television show that wasn’t the WWE or TNA wrestling, and naturally, I had other interests.

The 2017 chronological broadcast on 5Spike, though missing most of it, presented me with an opportunity to really embrace the series to enjoy and why the likes of my partner and brother were riding the hype train during their pre-teen, teen, and young adult years.

REMEMBER: I’m not a complete X-Files virgin, I just never had the opportunity to properly love it until now.

As we approach Christmas 2017 and the new eleventh series in the new year, I feel that it is best to parallel my documentary productions for my second university degree with a binge watch of my soon-to-be Christmas present…that was acquired at a bargain price (cheaper than Amazon!). Additionally, I do also have to purchase the DVD set of the recent-ish tenth series. I just hope that during my upcoming binge watch, I don’t develop an interest in producing a documentary on conspiracy theories…

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For John.

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