New York 2019 – Gallery

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“This place is WILD.” – Me in Queens

During the first week of April, Brittany and I went to New York. It was a trip planned lightyears in advanced entailing our fifth anniversary together, but more importantly…WrestleMania 35…and our wedding. My wife, Brittany, being the great Itinerary Queen that she is, planned a shit tonne of WILD stuff – film locations, pretty sites, great lights, and hipster food. Feast on the greatness below:

A great background from my first night in Queens.


Thanks to Brittany, one of many FREE Starbucks drinks



Williamsburg Cinemas artwork


Washington Square Arch from Ghostbusters


Times Square


Advertisement board for the Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn


Poster for Trashcans of Terror


An on-looking dog in Hipster Brooklyn



Brittany and I on our way to WrestleMania


The MetLife Stadium and I


WrestleMania 35



Brittany (being ridiculous) and the Statue of Liberty from Ghostbusters II



Brittany trying to scope me out, Liberty Island



Lincoln Center fountain from Ghostbusters and my squint



Spook Central from Ghostbusters



Firehouse Hook & Ladder from Ghostbusters



NBC Studios



The New York Public Library from Ghostbusters



Where Richie did Bobby Lupo in Out for Justice



Wedding Day solo picture, Firehouse Hook & Ladder


The Wedding, New York City Hall


For John.

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