News: Signature Entertainment to release ‘The Minute You Wake Up Dead’ on Digital Platforms this January

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Hello, this is Dom…

From Signature Entertainment, the thriller – The Minute You Wake Up Dead – will have releases on digital platforms on 9th January. Here’s what they had to say:

This neo-noir thriller follows a stockbroker in a small southern town who gets involved in an insurance scam with a next-door neighbour, leading to a spree of murders. The Minute You Wake Up Dead stars Cole Hauser (2 Fast 2 Furious), Jaimie Alexander (Thor franchise), Morgan Freeman (Se7en)and Andrew Stevens (The Boondock Saints), directed by Michael Mailer (Heart of Champions) and written by Mailer & Timothy Holland

Many thanks to Signature Entertainment for providing the images above.


For John.

This article’s featured image: By Source, Signature Entertainment, Fair Use

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