News: 101 Films to release ‘Bad City’ this March

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From 101 Films, the Asian action-thriller – Bad City – is to make its UK debut with a digital release on 6th March. Here’s what they had to say:

This is Bad City;enter if you dare for a brutal, bold and battle-filled Japanese action-thriller from Kensuke Sonomura (HydraBaby Assassins, I Am a Hero). The seasoned stuntman and action coordinator turned director brings his action nous to the fore with his fierce homage to V-Cinema, starring one of the genre’s biggest names… Hitoshi Ozawa. This kick-ass film makes its UK debut on 6 March 2023 courtesy of 101 Films.

Welcome to Kaiko City – a broken town filled with crime and corruption – where the financial corporations and even the prosecutors are rotten to the core and the mafia and Yakuza drag it even deeper into the depths of depravity.

The area is plagued by poverty and criminals rule the roost. When corrupt businessman Gojo, in collaboration with Korean crime boss, Kim Seung-gi, decides to run for mayor, they start a campaign of vicious violence, intent on eliminating every rival mob who get in their way – whatever it takes.

The violent crime investigation division believes there’s only one man who can bring down the evil criminals for good – Toroda (Ozawa) – a fallen police captain serving time for murder. When he’s secretly released from prison and put in charge of the special task force – all hell breaks loose.

With all-guns blazing and fearless determination, he’ll stop at nothing in his ruthless campaign to bring down the very evil that threatens not only the peace of the city but the very lives of everyone who resides there.

For epic street brawls, martial arts mayhem, gritty gangster storylines, electrifying action sequences and fantastic performances –  pay a visit to this Bad City.

Many thanks to Aim Publicity and 101 Films for providing the images above.


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This article’s featured image: By Source, 101 Films, Fair Use

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