News: 101 Films to release ‘The Irish Mob’ this March

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From 101 Films, the crime-thriller – The Irish Mob – is set for a UK digital release on 13th March, just prior to St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what they had to say:

Join The Irish Mob in this bold and unflinching crime thriller from first-time feature director Patrick McKnight. Set amidst the dark and dangerous underbelly of Dublin’s gangland, this gritty drama is set to arrive on UK digital this March, courtesy of 101 Films.

With Irish films currently making huge waves across the globe – this hard-hitting gangster feature packs a real punch and arrives just in time for some stellar St. Patrick’s Day entertainment.

Meet big-time crime boss Val Fagan (Rob McCarthy – Dublin Crust), the leader of a brutal, cold-blooded gang who run the streets of Dublin. After a major armed robbery gets national attention, Val and his gang become the main targets of the Garda detectives – who will go to any lengthto disrupt his operation and bring him down.

Determined to keep his crime throne, Val must do all he can to continue his reign over the rugged and ruthless Dublin underworld. But just how far is he willing to go?

For uncompromising action, vicious violence, fierce feuding and dangerous dealings, make a date with The Irish Mob.

Many thanks to Aim Publicity and 101 Films for providing the images above.


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This article’s featured image: By Source, 101 Films, Fair Use

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