News: Bohemia Media to release’ ‘My Everest’ in cinemas this April

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From Bohemia Media, the ice-cold documentary – My Everest – is to have a theatrical release in the UK on 28th April. Here’s what they had to say:

Max Stainton is a physically disabled man on a mission to defy expectations in the stunning feature documentary My Everest.
Bringing together a motley crew of friends, Max decides to take on his biggest challenge yet: to trek to Everest Base Camp on horseback. Yet as the reality of his world-first trek dawns, putting his body through incredible pain, he is forced to dive deep into his own self worth and question his original motivations.
Featuring the astonishing scenery of the Himalayas, My Everest is a compelling documentary that invites the audience to understand Max’s world as a disabled man, and how his drive to defy societal expectations led him to put his life on the line, and by doing so, question why he felt he had to prove himself to the world.

Many thanks to Alternate Current and Bohemia Media for providing the images above.


For John.

This article’s featured image: By Source, Bohemia Media, Fair Use

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