Film Review: ‘Batman’ (1989)

Without doubt, one of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time, even if the product advertised was a complete disappointment to the hardcore fans. The advert? A black and gold Bat logo. The film? Batman.

Film Review: ‘Batman & Robin’ (1997)

Some films, originally panned or poorly-received upon release, have the ability of establishing a likability or even a fandom many years later. 1997's Batman & Robin is widely regarded as being complete dog sh*t, the worst comic book movie of all time,

A Very Quick Summary of ‘Batman Forever’ and How It Can Be Okay/Watchable…

Batman Forever: the third movie in the 1989-1997 Burton/Schumacher quadrilogy of Batman movies. Batman Forever brought an end to the sometimes Gothic & noir visual of Batman movie, directed by Tim Burton, and replaced by the more commercialised, modern-set and cheese-ridden Batman movie, directed by Joel Schumacher - yes, the dude who allegedly "killed the Batman movie"... Continue Reading →

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