Shot at 60 part II: Another Nine Shots Taken at Hour One.


Here are another nine shots from nine different films taken a second or two after the one hour mark in a film’s duration:

On the Buses (1971) MGM-EMI / Dir: Harry Booth / Prod: Chesney & Wolfe

On the Buses - 60 min


Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Warner Bros. / Dir: Sidney Lumet / Prod: Bregman & Elfand

Dog Day Afternoon - 60 min


The Deer Hunter (1978) Universal Pictures / Dir: Michael Cimino / Prod: Spikings, Deeley, Cimino and Peverall

The Deer Hunter - 60 min


Caddyshack (1980) Warner Bros. / Dir: Harold Ramis / Prod: Kenney

Caddyshack - 60 min


Wall Street (1987) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Oliver Stone / Prod: Pressman

Wall Street - 60 min


The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Universal Pictures / Dir: Steven Spielberg / Prod: Molen & Wilson

The Lost World - 60 min


Dogma (1999) Lionsgate Films / Dir: Kevin Smith / Prod: Mosier

Dogma - 60 min


Hannibal (2001) Universal Pictures / Dir: Ridley Scott / Prod: D. D. Laurentiis, M. D. Laurentiis and Scott.

Hannibal - 60 min


Oldboy (2003) Tartan Films / Dir: Park Chan-Wook / Prod: Im & Kim

Oldboy - 60 min


Thanks for viewing, folks.

Dom, @ThisIsTheDom

For John.

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