Shot at 60: Nine Shots Taken at Hour One.

Welcome to my first post…

Instead of posting an iconic shot from nine different films, I’m being different – I’m posting a shot from a second or two after the one hour mark in a film’s duration. Here are the nine shots:

Dirty Harry (1971) Warner Bros. / Dir: Don Siegel / Prod: Siegel & Daley

Dirty Harry


Chinatown (1974) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Roman Polanksi / Prod: Evans



Apocalypse Now (Redux edition) (1979/2001) Miramax Films / Dir: Francis Ford Coppola / Prod: Coppola & Aubry

Apocalypse Now


First Blood (1982) Carolco / Dir: Ted Kotcheff / Prod: Feitshans, Kassar and Vajna

First Blood


The Terminator (1984) Orion Pictures / Dir: James Cameron / Prod: Hurd

The Terminator


12 Monkeys (1995) Universal Pictures / Dir: Terry Gilliam / Prod: Roven

Twelve Monkeys


The Edge (1997) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Lee Tamahori / Prod: Linson

The Edge


American Psycho (2000) Lionsgate Films / Dir: Mary Harron / Prod: Pressman, Hanley and Solomon

American Psycho


Lost in Translation (2003) Focus Features / Dir: Sofia Coppola / Prod: Coppola & Katz

Lost in Translation


Thanks for viewing, folks.


For John.

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