Shot at 60 part IV: Another Nine Shots Taken at Hour One.

Assuming that you liked last week’s ‘Halloween special’… another edition of Shot at 60 is upon us. Here are the nine shots:

Last Tango in Paris (1972) United Artists / Dir: Bernando Bertolucci / Prod: Grimaldi

Last Tango in Paris


Deliverance (1972) Warner Bros. / Dir: John Boorman / Prod: Boorman



Mad Max (1979) Roadshow Distributors / Dir: George Miller / Prod: Kennedy

Mad Max


Blade Runner (The Final Cut edition) (1982/2007) Warner Bros. / Dir: Ridley Scott / Prod: Deeley

Blade Runner


Blue Velvet (1986) De Laurentiis Entertainment Group / Dir: David Lynch / Prod: Caruso

Blue Velvet


GoldenEye (1995) United International Pictures / Dir: Martin Campbell / Prod: Wilson & Broccoli



The Game (1997) PolyGram Filmed Entertainment / Dir: David Fincher / Prod: Golin & Chaffin

The Game


Requiem for a Dream (2000) Artisan Entertainment / Dir: Aronofsky / Prod: Watson & West

Requiem for a Dream


Identity (2003) Columbia Pictures / Dir: James Mangold / Prod: Konrad




For John.

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