Shot at 60 part V: Another Nine Shots Taken at Hour One.

I’m back…to bring you, my fans, another nine shots taken at hour one!


Superman (1978) Columbia-EMI-Warner / Dir: Richard Donner / Prod: Spengler



Alien (1979) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Ridley Scott / Prod: Carroll, Giler and Hill



Escape from Alcatraz (1979) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Don Siegel / Prod: Siegel & Daley

Escape from Alcatraz


Predator (1987) 20th Century Fox / Dir: John McTiernan / Prod: Gordon, Silver and Davis



Black Rain (1989) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Ridley Scott / Prod: Jaffe & Lansing

Black Rain


The Fisher King (1991) TriStar Pictures / Dir: Terry Gilliam / Prod: Hill & Obst

The Fisher King


Blade (1998) New Line Cinema / Dir: Stephen Norrington / Prod: Frankfurt, Snipes, Engelman, Horne and Arad



The Bourne Identity (2002) Universal Pictures / Dir: Doug Liman / Prod: Liman, Crowley and Gladstein

The Bourne Identity


The Prestige (2006) Warner Bros. Pictures / Dir: Christopher Nolan / Prod: Thomas, Ryder and Nolan

The Prestige


Thanks for the viewing. The next Shot at 60 posts will be specials on actors, rather than random films.


For John.

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