Shot at 60 part IX: Gene Hackman

Welcome to the third and final special Shot at 60 in this series of posts focusing on an actor. The mini-series started with Sylvester Stallone, followed by Jack Nicholson, and now ends with Gene Hackman.

Oh, if you’re still unsure as to what Shot at 60 is, it’s a series of posts where I use a screenshot from a second or two after the one hour mark in a film’s duration. Enjoy.

The French Connection (1971) 20th Century Fox / Dir: William Friedkin / Prod: D’Antoni

The French Connection


The Poseidon Adventure (1972) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Ronald Neame / Prod: Allen

The Poseidon Adventure


The Conversation (1974) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Francis Ford Coppola / Prod: Coppola

The Conversation


Hoosiers (1986) Orion Pictures / Dir: David Anspaugh / Prod: Haven & Pizzo



No Way Out (1987) Orion Pictures / Dir: Roger Donaldson / Prod: Garland & Ziskin

No Way Out


Unforgiven (1992) Warner Bros. / Dir: Clint Eastwood / Prod: Eastwood



The Birdcage (1996) United Artists / Dir: Mike Nichols / Prod: Nichols & Machils

The Birdcage


The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) Buena Vista Pictures / Dir: Wes Anderson / Prod: Anderson, Mendel and Rudin

The Royal Tenenbaums


Runaway Jury (2003) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Gary Fleder / Prod: Fleder, Mankiewicz and Milchan

Runaway Jury


Thank you for viewing my Shot at 60 special on two-time Oscar winner, Gene Hackman. My next Shot at 60 posts to be based on actors will return in early Spring. Carry on watching movies, folks.


For John.

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