Life Update: Watched the Second Half of ‘Dirty Harry’ with the Missus…

It was Friday evening, Brittany & I had finished watching Gogglebox, we then didn’t know what to watch – before the TV viewings, we had eaten out, which was nice – a chat show/game show-type trash followed Gogglebox, which forced us to change the channel…we flicked over to ITV4, and on it was Dirty Harry, a #ProperITV4 film.

Obviously, Brittany hadn’t previously watched Dirty Harry, where as it is one of my favourite films, and the best “solo cop film” in my opinion. Therefore, I knew what was to happen scene-by-scene, where as Brittany had no idea that she’d she the ultimate macho good/bad cop heroism in American 70s cinema.

Apart from one or two violent moments (example: the organised beating of Scorpio to frame Harry Callahan), I genuinely think that Brittany found the film to be acceptably alright, which pleases me, of course. Weirdly, a Clint Eastwood-starred film to be on TV when I’ve stayed over at Brittany’s place is becoming a common theme. Ultimately, Brittany watched and enjoyed a #ProperITV4 film, therefore making her a #ProperLifePartner.


For John.


This article’s featured image is sourced from Dirty Harry (1971) Warner Bros. / Dir: Don Siegel / Prod: Siegel & Daley.

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