A “Pet Hate” Regarding Home Video Releases.

Firstly, I’m not overly fond of the term “pet hate”, but at this current time, it’s essential to use. Anyway…

After the name of an actor or actress reads on the back cover, a different film starring said actor/actress is usually listed within brackets – this is fine – until the bracketed film is from a considerable amount of time after the film in which the cover is for. An example of this being “Starring Alec Baldwin (The Departed)” on the back cover of the a Beetlejuice DVD – The Departed is from 2006, where as Beetlejuice is from 1988 – if anything, I’d list Miami Blues (1990) and/or The Hunt for Red October (1990) on the back cover of a modern Beetlejuice home video release. Oh well.

Whether it be on a VHS, DVD or Blu-ray, it annoys me.


For John.


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