Sunday Update: Clint Eastwood Movies Purchased

Evening. Yes, as the title reads, I have purchased some Clint Eastwood-starred movies. To my great surprise, there are many movies with Uncle Clint in ’em that I don’t (or didn’t) have in my DVD collection – e.g. Coogan’s Bluff (Siegel, 1968) – of which I have now purchased. The purchases included, Coogan’s Bluff as mentioned, another Don Siegel collaboration, and a couple of his lesser-known westerns. One can never have enough movies starring one of the grandest of tough-talking actors, unless one actually has all of his acting roles on home video.

With Uncle Clint, I find my preference to be with his cop (or cop-type) roles from the early 70s to the early 80s. In my Letterboxd review of Tightrope (Tuggle, 1984), I mention the film as an “underrated Clint classic”, I find that to be the way with his early 80s outings – another example being the fourth (Dirty) Harry Callahan film, Sudden Impact (Eastwood, 1982) – for me, the best or second best in the series after Dirty Harry (Siegel, 1971).  

Whether you prefer him as a cowboy or cop, actor or director, Clint Eastwood is #ProperITV4.

(Link to Letterboxd review of Tightrope

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