108 Words on ‘First Blood’

The following 108 word section on First Blood is something I wrote for a journalism module at uni. The review is written as if in 1982, and First Blood is a contemporary film. Enjoy…


Directed by Ted Kotcheff, Sylvester Stallone gives his best blockbuster performance since winning title gold in Rocky II (1979), in a transition into the action genre, as war hero John Rambo in First Blood – the must-see film this Autumn.

After learning of his friend’s death, flashback-haunted Vietnam War veteran John Rambo arrives in town with nothing and no one, Sheriff Teasle (Brian Dennehy) arrests him for vagrancy, but Rambo manages to escape into the woodland. Teasle, his posse, and the National Guard are all after Rambo, but using his combat skills, Rambo turns the woodland into his own personal war-zone filled with traps and fear. Who will win?


Thank you for reading,


For John.

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