Shot at 60 part XVI: Harrison Ford

Evening. After a great weekend, Shot at 60 is back with the first of four actor-based specials. Harrison Ford being the first in this four-parted special is a result of the Star Wars 7 love-in over him, and he was quite cool in The Fugitive. Enjoy…

American Graffiti (1973) Universal Pictures / Dir: George Lucas / Prod: Coppola

American Graffiti


Hanover Street (1979) Columbia Pictures / Dir: Peter Hyams / Prod: Lazarus

Hanover Street


The Frisco Kid (1979) Warner Bros. / Dir: Robert Aldrich / Prod: Neufeld

The Frisco Kid


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Steven Spielberg / Prod: Marshall

Raiders of the Lost Ark


Witness (1985) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Peter Weir / Prod: Feldman



Patriot Games (1992) Paramount Pictures / Dir: Phillip Noyce / Prod: Neufeld & Rehme

Patriot Games


The Fugitive (1993) Warner Bros. / Dir: Andrew Davis / Prod: An. Kopelson & Ar. Kopelson

The Fugitive


What Lies Beneath (2000) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Robert Zemeckis / Prod: Rapke, Starkey and Zemeckis

What Lies Beneath


Crossing Over (2009) The Weinstein Company / Dir: Wayne Kramer / Prod: Kramer & Marshall

Crossing Over


Thank you for viewing,


For John.

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