Shot at 60 part X-Seven: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Evening and welcome to the second in this four-part series of actor-based Shot at 60 specials. The last edition, part XVI, featured  Harrison Ford films…”Arnie” is now the focus for part X-Seven. Enjoy…

Hercules in New York (1970) Lionsgate / Dir: Arthur Allan Seidelman / Prod: Wisberg

Hercules in New York


Stay Hungry (1976) United Artists / Dir: Bob Rafelson / Prod: Schneider & Rafelson

Stay Hungry


The Villain (1979) Columbia Picturees / Dir: Hal Needham / Prod: Engelberg

The Villain


Conan the Barbarian (1982) 20th Century Fox / Dir: John Milius / Prod: Feitshans & Laurentiis

Conan the Barbarian


Commando (1985) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Mark L. Lester / Prod: Silver



Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) TriStar Pictures / Dir: James Cameron / Prod: Cameron

Terminator 2


Last Action Hero (1993) Columbia Pictures / Dir: John McTiernan / Prod: McTiernan & Roth

Last Action Hero


The 6th Day (2000) Columbia Pictures / Dir: Roger Spottiswoode / Prod: Davison, Medavoy and Schwarzenegger

The 6th Day


Collateral Damage (2002) Warner Bros / Dir: Andrew Davis / Prod: Koch & Meyer

Collateral Damage


Thank you for viewing,


For John.

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