Sorry I’m Late: Thoughts After Watching ‘Star Wars 7’ or ‘The Force Awakens’ or Whatever…

Afternoon. Yes, I’m pretty late when it comes to watching Star Wars 7 – I was meant to see it on opening day (even bought tickets!), but something cropped up, and I’ve been either too busy or not in the mood to watch it since – this changed on Tuesday. This post isn’t a review of the film, but rather my thoughts after watching it, as the title suggests.

Now, regarding the Star Wars franchise, I loved all of it during my days as a kid (like many, many others), but as an adult, my love has diminished…but I am still fond of watching the occasional Star Wars film. Moving on, until Harrison Ford’s semi-dramatic entrance, I (and my mother) found it really hard to get into the film, but thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long to see an aged Harrison Ford in the film, therefore we were eventually immersed in the adventure. Like many, I assume, I felt that I had already seen the film’s material – that’s probably because in some aspects, it’s very much like the original Star Wars – not completely like it, but numerous similarities, and it didn’t feel very original to me. Considering that it is “Episode VII”, I suppose it will be somewhat difficult to remain original or logical. Moving on, I did actually enjoy the film – it’s fun, as any blockbuster sequel should be- but it just felt slightly above average. If anything, I don’t feel gutted or annoyed that I didn’t see it earlier. Obviously, The Force Awakens has perfectly set the carpet for “Episode VIII”, but again, I feel that repetitions will continued to be made (The Empire Strikes Back presented Yoda training Luke Skywalker, where as “Episode VIII” will present Luke Skywalker training Rey (I presume) – the concept of a very experienced/legendary Jedi Master training a novice). Having not watched The Force Awakens in the cinema, I don’t feel that I missed out on the immense ambiance -I loved the original trilogy (and The Phantom Menace, when young) after watching the individual films on the television, and as I child, I felt the magic created by these excellent fictional space adventures – I felt the magic of fiction without seeing it on the big screen. Ultimately, I’ll probably see “Episode VIII” in the cinema if it attracts me, but like previous Star Wars instalments, I can easily watch and enjoy at home.

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For John.


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