Shot at 60 part VI: Sylvester Stallone

Welcome to the first of three special Shot at 60 posts focusing on actors.

Capone (1975) 20th Century Fox / Dir: Steve Carver / Prod: Corman



Death Race 2000 (1975) New World Pictures / Dir: Paul Bartel / Prod: Corman & Weatherill

Death Race 2000


Rocky (1976) United Artists / Dir: John G. Avildsen / Prod: Chartoff & Winkler



Nighthawks (1981) Universal Pictures / Dir: Bruce Malmuth / Prod: Poll



Lock Up (1989) TriStar Pictures / Dir: John Flynn / Prod: C. Gordon & L. Gordon

Lock Up


Demolition Man (1993) Warner Bros. / Dir: Marco Brambilla / Prod: Silver, Levy and Kazanjian

Demolition Man


Cop Land (1997) Miramax Films / Dir: James Mangold / Prod: Konrad, Swerdlow and Woods

Cop Land


D-Tox (2002) Universal International Pictures / Dir: Jim Gillespie / Prod: Kidney



Rambo (2008) Lionsgate / Dir: Sylvester Stallone / Prod: Lerner, Templeton and Thompson



Thanks for the viewing. The next actor-based special Shot at 60 will be on… Jack Nicholson!



For John.

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