Film Review: ‘Birdwatcher’ (2020)

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Stars: Isabella Speaight
Director: Laurie Barraclough

When we lose something, we often find something else similar to replace it with. However, when we lose somebody, we often instead try to find what they were looking for in life. Birdwatcher – the latest film from Backscatter Productions – brings forward the sincere journey of a girl’s bereavement, which leads her to the English countryside in search of a special bird, but closure too.

Isabella Speaight leads the way in this short drama, boasting a tremendous performance consisting of no dialogue, but facial and bodily emotion instead. Captured in a docu-drama fashion, with plenty of shaky-cam, there is a much welcomed abundance of authenticity throughout, connecting oneself with the story at hand. In establishing authenticity in dramas that deal with bereavement, the audience is able to find the subject matter presented much more relatable, distressing even, but most importantly: meaningful.

Accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack featuring an array of original songs produced for the film by Wyldest, Birdwatcher is an absolute gem of a film, and is a magnificent treat for each and every viewer fortunate enough to bear eyes upon it. Ultimately, made with complete sincerity under the guidance of writer-director Laurie Barraclough, he has brought to life a story about the loss of life and how we deal with it – an important film entirely appropriate for tragic situations involving countless families all throughout the world today.

Many thanks to Backscatter Productions and Laurie Barraclough for the pleasure of this film.

4 Stars

This article’s featured image: By Source, Backscatter Productions, Fair Use

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