Film Review: ‘Re-Displacement’ (2020)

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Stars: Nico Mirallegro & Nathalie Cox
Director: Lewis Coates

“Make new memories.”

A dream can provide happiness, whilst a memory can evoke pain. When an event can be so horrific, so traumatic, we can suppress it from our memory bank, like it never happened. Re-displacement opens in a futuristic manner with Leo (Nico Mirallegro), in a therapy session lead by Dr. Michelle (Nathalie Cox) – her soothing voice, mixed with Leo’s vulnerability, immediately a feeling of dystopian unease. Why is he there?

Delving in divine cinematography, welcome to Leo’s mind. Are these memories that we see? Are these locations where events took place? Navigating through semi-recollection, following the hypnotic voice of Dr. Michelle, Leo’s pursuit takes a path deep into the darkness of mystery. There are suggestions to what could have occurred in the origin of these memories, but did anything occur at all, is this just manipulation by Dr. Michelle or another party?

Writer-director Lewis Coates’ Re-Displacement is a magnificent short film, toying with the theme of memory. The uncertainty and mystique throughout – often established in visual only – draws you in and straps you down like Leo in his therapy session… But is that even real? Is that just another memory? Under the direction of Coates, Nico Mirallegro is a powerhouse in presenting the feelings and emotions of vulnerability, curiosity, confusion and amazement. If the legitimacy of the events within Re-Displacement have to be questioned, there is one certainty regarding legitimacy: Re-Displacement is legitimately brilliant. For fans of (the good) Total Recall and Get Out, this is another great mind-bending movie.

Re-Displacement can now be watched and enjoyed on Dust. Many thanks to Staic Flow Productions and Lewis Coates for the pleasure of this film.

4 Stars

This article’s featured image: By Source, Static Flow Productions, Fair Use

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